5 Reasons You Should Still Make A Baby Book

5 Reasons You Should Still Make A Baby Book

With the popularity of sharing images on social media and having access to photos instantly on our phones, the idea of making a baby book for your child may seem a bit old school. Yes it's time consuming and may seem unnecessary when so many memories are already published online but a baby book is a must-have in our opinion.

As your child gets older, you'll find it more difficult to remember those early newborn days or the funny things they said as a toddler. If I didn't record the way my daughter used to scrunch her nose when she smiled or showed her belly button and said "What's That"  I might have forgotten these details all together. If there is one thing I know it's that time is a thief and before you know it your newborn will be going off to middle school.

Here are five reasons you should still consider making a baby book for your child. 

- Helps you relive your favorite memories anytime. Babies grow up fast and with so many exciting things happening the first couple of years it can become a blur. You think you'll remember every funny thing they did or when they reached each milestone but trust us you won't remember it all. By recording those details in their baby book you'll be able to relive those moments over and over again.

- It's a gift for the future. There is something so special about having a physical baby book for your child to look through when they older. They can see your thoughts in your handwriting and know that each photo chosen meant something to you. I love looking through boxes of old photos my mom kept of me. It brings back so many fun memories from my childhood. A baby book is an heirloom that will be cherished for generations. 

 - Keeps photos organized and off your phone. We all know trying to find a specific photo on your phone can be really frustrating. Scrolling through a feed of a million photos isn't the same as flipping through a physical book filled with your memories and favorite photos of your baby. Plus there is something so special about seeing an actual printed photo not on a screen.

- Baby books record more than just milestones and photos. You can include special keepsakes such as their hospital band, a lock of hair from their first haircut, birth announcement or ultrasounds. 

- A photo isn't always enough. Capturing memories in photos is a great way to remember your child when they were little but there are certain moments that need to be written down to really tell the whole story. It could be a milestone such as their first word or their reaction to trying food for the first time. No matter what it is, it's worth taking the time to write it down. Tip: I love jotting down notes in my phone because it's easy and assessable. Then when I have more time I'll refer to my notes when completing my daughter's baby book.

Don't let those memories fade. Shop our collection of baby memory books and start documenting your little one's story. 

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