Capture Baby's Footprints + Handprints

Capture Baby's Footprints + Handprints

Is there anything sweeter than your baby's itty bitty hands + feet?! Baby's grow SO quickly and before you know it you are you are swapping out their clothes for the next size up. While we can't freeze time and keep them little, we can capture our baby's hand and footprints creating a keepsake we can cherish forever. 

Our inkless monthly prints cards are a simple way to capture your baby's hand and/or footprints each month of their first year. Each set includes 2 blank newborn cards and 12 monthly cards. 

How To Take Baby's Prints


 Tips to taking baby's prints

1. Make sure baby's foot/hand is clean and dry. It's easiest to do their prints when baby is relaxed so feeding them first can be helpful. 

2. Get out the monthly card and inkless towelette. Don't open the towelette until you are ready to use it as it can dry out if left open. It is normal for towelette to feel a little dry to the touch. 

3. Wipe baby's hand/foot making sure to get entire area including all toes/fingers. Towelette can be used multiple times but will become less effective with each use. Be very careful not to touch the card with the hand used to touch the wipe or your print will also appear. 

4. Place card on flat hard surface and press baby's hand/foot on card holding for 3-5 seconds being careful not to move to prevent smudges. Lift hand/foot straight up from card.

Tip: More pressure will create a darker print while less pressure and a rolling motion will create a more detailed print. The print will continue to darken over a few hours. 

5. Wash baby's hand/foot with warm water and soap. Dispose of towelette out of reach of baby and pets. 

Baby inkless milestone cards
Baby footprints

While we can't keep them little forever, you'll love looking back on how tiny their little hands and feet were. Shop our Inkless Monthly Print Cards here. 

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