Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas

Gender Neutral Nursery

Photo Kelly Nan 

Designing a nursery is one of the most exciting parts of preparing for your baby. There is just something about a gender neutral nursery that is really sweet and inviting. Plus keeping things neutral lets you save items for future babies. I love the combination of cream and earthy tones with some added wood elements and greenery to create a space that is calming and timeless. Here's a list of some of our favorite nurseries to help inspire you when designing your own. 


Gender Neutral Nursery Design

Gender Neutral Nursery Design

How dreamy is this nursery? The dresser adds warmth to the room and the rugs make it so cozy.

Simple Nursery Design

Nursery Design 

Adding an accent wall with the baby's name is such a great way to add character and personalization to the baby's room. The simplicity of this one is perfect!

Baby Nursery

Baby Nursery

The pop of color with this dresser (chefs kiss!).

Baby Girl Nursery

Simple Nursery

We love how simple this gender neutral nursery is and the whites make it look so crips and clean.

Nursery Design

Natural Nursery

In love with the natural tones and warmth in this room, gives such a cozy feel. Just gorgeous! 

Baby Nursery Ideas

Staple's Nursery

How lucky is this little one to call this nursery home? I love how much thought and detail when into every aspect of the room 

Ikea Nursery Ideas

Minimalist Mama

The sweetest little reading corner we ever did see!


Sage Nursery

We love the mix of neutral tones...the sage, creams and wood all go together perfectly.

Nursery Design Idea

Baby Nursery

This nursery is bright and airy and so incredibly sweet.

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