Postpartum Life - Tips + Essentials To Survive the First Few Weeks

Postpartum Life - Tips + Essentials To Survive the First Few Weeks

Nine months are spent getting ready for a baby but we do very little to prepare ourselves for what our bodies will go through after giving birth. Here are some tips on adjusting to postpartum life to help you thrive and feel more like yourself. It will take time to recover so be kind to your new body. 

  • Everyone will want to come visit and meet your new baby. It’s ok to tell people no or to wait a little while to have visitors until you’ve adjusted to new mom life. 
  • Accept help when it is offered. It really does take a village so let someone help with the laundry, make you a meal or hang with baby so you can take a break. Embrace meal delivery or do some freezer meal prep before baby’s arrival. 
  • Take care of yourself. Sometimes we are so focused on taking care of baby that we forget about taking care of ourselves both physically and mentally. This may mean eating real meals (not just snacking when you have time) staying hydrated, taking uninterrupted showers, getting out of the house without baby even just a quick trip to the store or walk outside can be a refreshing change. Do something just for you that you enjoy. You probably won’t be able to do this daily but aim for as much as you can.
  • Something I didn’t realize after having my first daughter is I would still look pregnant after giving birth. Postpartum body changes can be really difficult when you don’t recognize your body in the mirror. Be gentle on yourself and know you are not alone. Your incredible body grew a human and that is something to appreciate and be proud of. 
  • Postpartum is hard you are sleep deprived, covered in spit up and maybe even dealing with a baby who never wants to be put down. It's easy to want to fast forward to the next phase but I promise you it goes by SO fast and this season won't last forever so soak it all in. 

Essentials To Help Survive the First Few Weeks. 

  • Comfortable lounge/pajama set: We love bamboo sets as they are soft, extra stretchy and breathable for those postpartum night sweats. A top that has buttons or that can be pulled down easily will make nursing and night feeding easy. 
  • Pads: No matter if you have a c-section or vaginal birth you will have bleeding for a week+ so pads are a must. For extra comfort and soothing try making a padsicle (frozen pads). 
  • Mesh underwear: After giving birth you will not want tight-fitting underwear, trust us. These are ultra-stretchy, breathable and comfortable while still holding everything in. The hospital usually gives you some during your stay but it’s a good idea to pick some up for home too.
  • Nursing Gel Pads: Breastfeeding can be painful and these will help soothe sore nipples. 
  • Peri Bottle: A must have after vaginal birth. This will help keep you clean and promote healing
  • Stool softener: After giving birth you don’t want to strain to go #2, this will help. 
  • Numbing spray: This is helpful for the first few days after giving birth to help sooth and numb the area before going to the bathroom.
  • Witch hazel wipes: These can be really soothing on any hemorrhoids you may have after giving birth
  • Nursing Pads: These will help you stay dry and comfortable during the day or at night

*Always check with your healthcare provider first to see what would be best for your situation.*

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