Hospital Bag Checklist

Hospital Bag Checklist


 As your due date approaches it's time to get your hospital bag packed. Not sure where to start? Here are some of our favorite items to bring to the hospital for both you and baby. Grab our free printable checklist


For Mom

- Comfortable Pajamas I recommend pajamas with a button down top, it makes breastfeeding and skin to skin so much easier. These PJs are super soft with a little bit of stretch and really comfortable. 

- Robe 

- Nursing Pillow  This to me is a must, even if you aren't breastfeeding it makes holding/feeding baby so much easier.

- Nursing bra/tank

- Slippers + socks because you definitely don't want to be walking around the hospital barefoot. 

- Toiletries All the essentials shampoo/conditioner, face wipes, lip balm, lotion, hair brush, tooth brush/paste, face cream, hair ties.

- Nipple cream If you are breastfeeding this is an absolute must. The hospital will give you some but I preferred a different brand so brought my own.

- Hard candy for labor + postpartum snacks (don't forget some for dad!)

- Extra long phone charger

- Baby Book and pen (jot down those first memories and get hand/foot prints with an ink kit

- Postpartum mesh underwear, granny panties and pads. The hospital will provide some but they were not the most comfortable to wear. Also make sure you have some for when you get home.

- Comfortable going home outfit. Loose or stretchy pants and comfy top are a must.

- Laundry bag for dirty clothes

- Optional: portable fan, diffuser for essential oils

- Nice to have: Blanket + pillow. Hospitals can be cold so you may want your own cozy throw blanket.


For Baby

Swaddles The hospital has them but I prefer a stretchy swaddles, it's so much easier for me to wrap baby up. Don't forget to bring a nice one for baby's announcement photo.

- Going home outfit (don't forget hat/socks)

- Name sign for baby's announcement 

- Clothing: Onesie/zip up pajamas/knotted gown. I prefer ones with fold over mittens so baby can't scratch themselves. Although baby will be swaddled or nursing/skin to skin most of the time it's nice to have something for them to wear just incase you need it. 

- Baby Blanket Perfect for keeping baby warm while nursing and for the carseat when taking him/her home.

 - Carseat: Before they let you leave they will make sure your carseat is properly installed in your car. If you are having a winter baby pack a carseat cover as well. 

- Burp cloths Our organic muslin burp cloths are the absolutely softest out there, you will love how gentle it is on baby's delicate skin. 

- Bottles: Even if you aren't breastfeeding it may be helpful to have bottles with you and a small container of formula. It took a while for my milk to come in and the colostrum wasn't enough to satisfy either of my kids. My daughter was starving (like really angry wouldn't stop crying for hours) so we had to give her a little formula until my milk came in and it was a lifesaver. Luckily the hospital had some but if I had another baby I would bring my own. 

Things you don't need.

- Diapers + wipes The hospital will provide these and will probably even give you some to take home with you

- Pacifier The hospital will give you a couple and my daughter preferred these over any other ones

Hospital Bag Checklist for mom and baby

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