Tips For Documenting Baby's First Year

Tips For Documenting Baby's First Year


After having a baby you are busy, tired and don’t have a lot of extra time we totally get it. There is no right or wrong way to document and it’s never too late to start. Here are some ideas and inspiration for making the most of your baby book (which may become one of your most valued possessions).

Printing Photos

    • If you are anything like me you take a million photos on your phone of your little one and it can be overwhelming to go through them all and decide which ones to print. An easy way to stay organized is to make a photo album in your phone labeled “baby book” and when you take a photo you love and know you want to print add it to that album. Or you can also heart the photos to save them to your favorites album. When it’s time to print you don’t have to scroll through 2,000 photos, you have everything saved to easily upload.

    • When choosing which photos to print remember they don’t have to be the perfectly posed shots. Print photos from those everyday moments, unposed, candid, real life exactly as you want to remember it. And don’t forget to get in the photos with your baby. When they are older they will want to see you <3

    • We love the 4x4 prints from Persnickety Box (amazing quality photos that will last forever!). Use code WILD to get 50% off your first box of photos. They are great quality and the size is perfect for fitting more photos per page.

Baby Memory Book

Take Notes

  • We all get busy and either forget or don’t have time to always be updating their baby book. Jot down any memories/milestones/funny things your little one does or says in your notes on your phone so when you do have time to sit down and fill out their baby book you can refer back to your notes so you don’t forget anything.

Get help

  • Included your significant other or other family members in the completing of your little one’s baby book. Let them share their own memories and experiences with your baby.

It doesn't have to be perfect

  • Don’t worry if your book isn’t perfect. When your little one looks back in their book one day they won’t be looking at your penmanship or if their book is a little messy. They will just love seeing your handwriting and all the love you poured into creating their book.

Add extras to your book

  • Add supplementary items to your book. Think hospital bracelet, ultrasound photos, birth announcement, hand/foot prints, lock of hair from their first haircut (an envelope is included in our baby books) ect.

  • Have your little one draw on one of the dedicated scribble pages in your baby book. You will love being able to look back and see their artwork.

Baby Journal

Top of mind

  • Out of sight out of mind. Store your baby book in a safe but visible place so you remember to fill it out. Keep your pen, photos, tape and supplies all together so you have everything you need in one place.

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