Postpartum Must Haves

Postpartum Must Haves


By the end of your pregnancy you’ve spent so much time getting everything prepared for your baby you may not have thought about what you need as a new mom to support your postpartum recovery. We put together a list of items you’ll want to have on hand to help provide comfort in your recovery.

Granny panties - they may not be cute but are a must have!

Tucks Cooling Hemorrhoid Pads - to help alleviate pain and itching/burning

Nipple Cream - if you plan to breastfeed this will be a lifesaver. I loved Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter

Maxi Pads - another must have!

Padscicles - a maxi pad that is cold and soothing to help provide some relief those first couple of days

Comfortable lounge wear - button down top makes breastfeeding so much easier. I love this pajama set from J Crew

Breast Therapy packs - if breastfeeding these can be used hot or cold to provide relief

Nursing bra - you’ll want to find one that is super comfortable and easy to pull up or down

Stool softener - nobody warns you about this but you’ll want it to come out as easily as possible until you are fully healed

Peri Bottle - filled with warm water is really soothing on your lady parts

Caddy filled with nursing / baby supplies so you have everything you need at an arms reach

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